covers      [ of sketch books ]

listened to  this Tracey Trance tape last night and it was awesome. check it out.

photo from discogs


Toro on el Toro! 

Little forest installation. It's become a snail habitat.
I have all my old sculptures in storage and I had the idea of installing them in nature and leaving them be. I'm only using the ones made from natural materials so that I don't cause too much of an intrusion.
Also, I've added pages to my blog with photos of past work. check itt


Cassettes !?

There are hundreds of cassettes all over our house, and they are so beautiful. Tape art needs some love/recognition. So much better than the "band name in a cool font&photo of the artist" typicalness.

Fabric covers

Evan Galbicka drew this one- check out The Church of Holy Colors for more art.

Greening Wave from Housecraft recordings
Perspectives- "Prismism" off Rotifer 
Good will tea carpentry off Housecraft, 
Peat Raamur- "Arkose Screes"  from Housecraft, 
Tuluum Shimmering- "Flowers are offered" from Rotifer.

Rali man music man

Thurston Moore and Byron Coley included this one in their "Tongue top ten" on arthur magazine.
  ( #8) 

Be sure to check out the brand new killer batch of Rotifer tapes ! (David's label)  you can listen to samples there.


Jesuses and junks

I found these little Jesuses (Jesi?)

 last week and I've been trying to figure out what to do with them.

So far I have

this (Jesus in the jungle terrarium)

and this neon Jesus necklace

I also made this baby elephant tiny terrarium

and have been collecting glass containers for more terrarium creations. The other day we went the Geneva Jarvis' Junk yard down south on 441 to scavenge.  It is so amazing there. Endless rows of glasses and bottles and disgusting/beautiful old things.
my lens kept fogging up from the swamp smog but it's kinda dreamy.

Rali update... my baby cow already knows how to fake smile :)



Facebook broke my computer. I deleted my facebook account and wrote zuckerberg a stern departing message about how he has altered the social state of the universe in a not good way ... and the next day the computer (david's, actually)  had crazy bars all over the screen and you couldn't see anything.  Conspiracy? yes. So I am on my old laptop whose battery doesn't work so it has to stay plugged into a wall and if I want to import photos from my camera it makes me import ALL 11209 of them and there is not enough room for this.     I found lots of old old pre- Rali pictures in the dusty corners of this computer and that was interesting.  here are some.

22nd double birthday invitation

wooly self portrait backyard collage. gatorade bottle of bees.
Big ol grub in a playpen. (now im putting little grub in a playpen. playard, excuse me.)
Collage of my old lady self I hope
Best burger in my life ever.



Tiny scenes

Even though we just moved into a bigger place, the space still isn't right for working large scale. Rali and I spend a lot of time at home, and working small in my tiny studio is perfect for me right now. These little babies are each about 1" wide  and 3" tall.
                                    cloth diapered conjoined quintuplets.
                                            (yarn, fleece, and thread)

     At the restaurant where I work we have cleaning parties, (fun, right?) and my job last time was to scrape the gum off the bottom of the tables. I picked this task because I thought it would be so easy. Who puts used gum under tables at restaurants? Apparently everyone.  Anyway, I saved the gum and sealed it with resin and made a throne out of it. Here it is consulting with a felt (handmade) wrapped seed pod in a rabbit fur cave.


Sprouts: plant/animal

                                             jar o' sprouts!  not tadpoles.

I am so proud of my little alfalfas. It's the first time I've ever tried growing sprouts and I am so happy with the results. It's basically FREE to grow them at home.  I got a big container of alfalfa sprouting seeds for 95 cents and only used 1/3 of it and got like 5 sandwiches worth of sprouts.
   Try alfalfa, radish, lentil, or red clover, they are easy to find. Put them in a glass container with some mesh on the top. (if you don't have a mesh type thing you can use plastic and poke holes in the top and put a rubber band around it) Rinse the seeds 2-3 times a day (the most important part) and don't leave standing water unless you want mold. I did this for 4 days and probably could have gone longer but I wanted to eat them! This picture is at 2 and 1/2 days.  yum.

  Here's my little sprout with the cassette "Ma tu la pasta la vo?" by ARMALI LARI off Stunned Records