s c u l p t u r e s

Nursing Trees  June 2011
This is all wood from a tree that was destroyed by a tornado on my families property. I stitched the two halves back together and bandaged up the broken branches in a futile healing effort.

overhead view. 12' x 8'

Romb  One ( Room/ Womb) was constructed in April 2008. This romb is feminine and domestic, with elements  of decay and shadow. It is composed of dream generated sculptures, and "baby-proofed" objects. The baby proofing concept was realized out of the already soft nature of my sculptures. Sheep wool is a main component, used either raw or manipulated into various grades of felt.   At this point in my life I was fascinated by pregnancy and birth and referenced wombs and babies often. In hindsight I imagine this work to be a subconscious fertility dance, culminating in the birth of my son in December 2009.
safe nails

 babyproof objects.
hand felted wool, deconstructed chair, raspberry and red wine dye.

romb one

I constructed Romb Two ( A Delicate Feast )  in May 2009.  This romb contains materials similar to those in romb one such as wool and rubber, and also explores the boundaries of new materials: dried flowers, seed pods, and roots. I attempted to create a room full of  familiar objects presented in a new or strange way. At this point in my life I was 4 weeks pregnant, but totally ignorant of this miraculous fact.

romb two
hand made felt/nuts
dried flowers, chair
nuts, wool
upholstered bird cage, wool
latex ribber, wool, pillow
dried carrots, dried okra, wool
felted wool chair
dried onion, upholstery from my parents old couch
hand made pillows, embroidered tea bags, hair (mine)
hair tea bag detail
silcone rubber, pillow, chair ( female: open and closed)