Facebook broke my computer. I deleted my facebook account and wrote zuckerberg a stern departing message about how he has altered the social state of the universe in a not good way ... and the next day the computer (david's, actually)  had crazy bars all over the screen and you couldn't see anything.  Conspiracy? yes. So I am on my old laptop whose battery doesn't work so it has to stay plugged into a wall and if I want to import photos from my camera it makes me import ALL 11209 of them and there is not enough room for this.     I found lots of old old pre- Rali pictures in the dusty corners of this computer and that was interesting.  here are some.

22nd double birthday invitation

wooly self portrait backyard collage. gatorade bottle of bees.
Big ol grub in a playpen. (now im putting little grub in a playpen. playard, excuse me.)
Collage of my old lady self I hope
Best burger in my life ever.


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