Cassettes !?

There are hundreds of cassettes all over our house, and they are so beautiful. Tape art needs some love/recognition. So much better than the "band name in a cool font&photo of the artist" typicalness.

Fabric covers

Evan Galbicka drew this one- check out The Church of Holy Colors for more art.

Greening Wave from Housecraft recordings
Perspectives- "Prismism" off Rotifer 
Good will tea carpentry off Housecraft, 
Peat Raamur- "Arkose Screes"  from Housecraft, 
Tuluum Shimmering- "Flowers are offered" from Rotifer.

Rali man music man

Thurston Moore and Byron Coley included this one in their "Tongue top ten" on arthur magazine.
  ( #8) 

Be sure to check out the brand new killer batch of Rotifer tapes ! (David's label)  you can listen to samples there.

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