Tiny scenes

Even though we just moved into a bigger place, the space still isn't right for working large scale. Rali and I spend a lot of time at home, and working small in my tiny studio is perfect for me right now. These little babies are each about 1" wide  and 3" tall.
                                    cloth diapered conjoined quintuplets.
                                            (yarn, fleece, and thread)

     At the restaurant where I work we have cleaning parties, (fun, right?) and my job last time was to scrape the gum off the bottom of the tables. I picked this task because I thought it would be so easy. Who puts used gum under tables at restaurants? Apparently everyone.  Anyway, I saved the gum and sealed it with resin and made a throne out of it. Here it is consulting with a felt (handmade) wrapped seed pod in a rabbit fur cave.

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  1. These are incredible! Who saves other people's gum?!