here we go

                                           our life on wheels

Weve been hanging out in Georgia the past few days, I can't believe we've only been gone for 3 days, so much has happened.   There are some surprisingly awesome things in this southern state. The first day we went to Providence canyon which was insane red and white sandcastles.

Then we stayed with our friends Grant and Rachel who run the label Hooker Vision. Rachel made veggie lasagna. Rali ate all the olives out of his. yum

and big baby Wanda :)

Then we went to the Georgia aquarium.  The belgua whales were really friendly despite their tiny living situation.

We set up our tent in DeSoto falls in the chattahoochee National forest, which was totally beautiful. The Georgia mountains are so pretty, and the weather was about 20 degrees cooler than Gainesville, which was nice
 fire starter

Three little bears.   
Steel cut oats in the pressure cooker- done in 5 minutes!
with dried currants, walnuts, (and cacao for big bears)

                                                                       the falls

               Some dudes were playing the same metal cd on repeat till   3 am ... we we set out for a new campsite and found this one with a big lake.

road side scenery

 So far we're really happy with our decision to travel. Rali's been a happy man. As long as the weather stays on our side and we get enough sleep things should  keep on being fun.


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