Tennessee and beyond

I fell in love with Chattanooga a little bit. Or maybe it was just I had the sweetest hostess in the world. We had such a cozy two nights with our buddy Bethany, making tea and roasts of squash in the oven. It was nice to stay somewhere two nights and not have to haul everything back into the van the next morning and drive more.
checking out bigfoot

painting in Betnys studio

he seriously played these drums for like 30 minutes

bells in coolidge park

cold enough for tights! and hoodies! YES


We've been driving a lot the last couple of days. A lot for us is like 5-6 hours a day, and believe me, with a toddler in the backseat, that is plenty of hours. On Saturday he didn't even sleep during the whole 6 hour drive.. wha??  I usually sit back there with him and draw pictures or read books, or he watches tv. yes, there's a tv...hallelujah! I feel weird about it a little, but it's temporary and it balances out with major outdoor playtime.  

We weren't that excited about Arkansas.... but we found  this sweet gem of a park called Petit Jean.   It's named after a french girl who followed her lover to america- He wouldn't let her come because he was afraid she would get hurt during the voyage, so she disguised herself as a boy and called herself jean and applied to work on the ship. They ended up coming to this part of Arkansas where there are incredible caves and a giant waterfall. She got some crazy illness and told the natives who were taking care  of her that if she died she wanted to be buried on the mountain near the waterfall. She died soon after and they buried her where she wanted to be, and that's where we went today.    The grave is there and everything.  tragic.
The cave we were in was a shelter for native american tribes who lived there a long time ago and there were pictographs on the walls- i couldn't get any good pictures of them though :(

ps..click for bigger pics

So, We are optimistic about the midwest... its definitely more than just a flyover zone.
We didnt camp here bc there were tornado warnings and golf ball sized hail supposed to be happening tonight. hmm. totally in a hotel.
i dont even know.

pretzels and cartoons.

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  1. Hi Juli,

    I met you a while ago at an art show on the second floor of somewhere or other, and I remember you were wearing a purple dress and you shook my hand with both of yours. Anyway, I thought you were beautiful then, and I think it even moreso now, reading about your adventures and thoughts and art. I hope you find lots of encouragement and peace in the day to day. You have a beautiful life.