crawling across the country

After much indecision, (then deciding) then selling all our stuff and moving out of our little house, we are actually leaving Gainesville tomorrow. I came here for school in 2004 and haven't left since. I guess i planned to because that's what you're supposed to do after college, and that's what all my friends did, but I just kept having so much fun and then I had a baby and then I didn't want to go anywhere away from my family for a while. Sometimes I feel conflicted like Im giving up on this town that I really like a lot, but really I just want to hang out in some mountains and have fun with with my baby and hub. Working in restaurants and switching off watching a baby is not our ideal situation, so we saved $$$ and quit our jobs and bought a van and a tent (and a bunch of other end of the world survival stuff). We have a big map with little stars all over it of places we want to go- eventually landing with friends in northern California. So that's what we're doing now. Traveling with a toddler is going to be an obvious challenge, but I think we have  planned out enough cool stops so that we won't have any nervous breakdowns, but you never know.   Ill be documenting our expedition here, as much as I can as long as Im around internet, which might not be so often. (I still have a dumb phone)  
 Im all nostalgic about Florida now and looking at pictures and getting sad.    

the day i found out i was preggo.  drinking party tea

squirmy baby and the twin sculpture

                                                                sleeping boyz

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