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This isn't a "Food Blog" I don't  know what kind of blog this is really, i guess when Im really excited about something I like to post about it, so maybe it's a --when I feel like uploading pictures of something kindof interesting and trying to think of something halfway clever to say after my kid is asleep-- Blog. 
anyway, I am really into food and making good food choices so this is about that.

Im so lazy when i wake up. Its usually around 730- which is Rali's choice, not mine. Even though that's way early Im always so hungry but have no energy to make anything so I pretty much always eat toast. It's definitely the easiest thing ever.  But! afterward I don't even feel like I ate anything so it's pretty much pointless.      So,  even though i don't like the sound of a blender at such an early hour (or ever ) I've been trying to make smoothies in the morning and cram as much good stuff into them as I can.

This one is the tastiest I've concocted yet. And no sugar! duh.

1 Banana   ( it gets more interesting )
1/2 cup of blueberries,  frozen ones so then you don't need to add ice.
1 big spoonful of spirulina ( this won't taste like fish, i swear)
1 big spoonful of real peanut butter
1 big spoonful of coconut oil. this is important.
some ground flaxseeds   (essential fatty acids)
a little bit of cinnamon
a tiny bit of cardamom. also really important.   (and a libido enhancer  ;)
1 1/2 - 2 cups of almond milk, or whatever kind of milk you're into.

  [[[[[LOUD NOISE]]]]]

That sounds kindof fatty- coconut oil and peanut butter?
ya, but coconut oil is the tastiest fat ever (even if you don't like coconut- this isn't flaky) and peanut butter = protein.   also, don't be afraid of natural plant based fats. they won't hurt you.   And if you're giving this to your kid, they definitely can use some extra fat.

 Wtf is spirulina? 
It's a blue green algae.   I know, but it's really not that crazy and its a complete protein and also contains B12!

                                                                passed this taste test ^

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