Eating too healthy is now a disorder. Orthorexia Nervosa is defined as being concerned with eating only pure foods- ones that haven't come in contact with pesticides, and have no artificial flavors or colors. If you are concerned about putting only whole foods in your body, there is something wrong with you. You need to be prescribed a pill so that you won't question your food, and stay dumbed down with your system full of  preservatives, aspartame, yellow 5, high fructose corn syrup, or MSG.   Sadly, I know plenty of people who would agree with these "experts,"  who think that when I look at the ingredients on something before I eat it (or don't) that I'm nuts, or that eating seaweed is insane. If you think it doesn't matter, it does! You are a direct reflection of what your body intakes. You eat lots of sugary fake shit and you'll be a spaced out zombie. Eat things that grow in the ground and you'll be stable. Sure, its a little more complicated than that, but the essence is true.
The real mental patients are the ones who eat whatever is advertised to them, who believe the sweet surprise commercials,  who think vegetables are gross, but that eating microwaved ground up cow parts are tasty.  

persimmons, please.


 from the snap on Rali's shirt after holding him for an hour

baby blanket sleep marks
three fuzzy color studies and a dirty old troll inspiration (wool,rolled up lace, & pompoms)

I've been filling little boxes with colorful things. I forgot about color.  It's so nice. I stopped using it so much during school because it was feeling gross and artificial and juvenile and walmarty, and i wanted my work to feel organic and mature. But maybe that's because I was artificial and juvenile and wanted to be organic and mature and now im organic and mature (ha) and want to use the opposite in my work. whatever. I like colors.

 Everything I've been making is really small and manageable now, which is cool but not anything amazing or boundary pushing.   Soon enough. I guess I should be happy I have time to make anything at all since Rali is a crawling master/cabinet opening little genius these days.
favorite new substance
Fox in a tent at night. kinda trendy. oh well. (thread,brass chain, & fabric.)
This stuff and more will be at David and My (mine's, I's?) show at Satchel's in February. Ill remind you later.