three fuzzy color studies and a dirty old troll inspiration (wool,rolled up lace, & pompoms)

I've been filling little boxes with colorful things. I forgot about color.  It's so nice. I stopped using it so much during school because it was feeling gross and artificial and juvenile and walmarty, and i wanted my work to feel organic and mature. But maybe that's because I was artificial and juvenile and wanted to be organic and mature and now im organic and mature (ha) and want to use the opposite in my work. whatever. I like colors.

 Everything I've been making is really small and manageable now, which is cool but not anything amazing or boundary pushing.   Soon enough. I guess I should be happy I have time to make anything at all since Rali is a crawling master/cabinet opening little genius these days.
favorite new substance
Fox in a tent at night. kinda trendy. oh well. (thread,brass chain, & fabric.)
This stuff and more will be at David and My (mine's, I's?) show at Satchel's in February. Ill remind you later.

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