Im still alive! I just got so caught up in travelling with no internet that things just kinda fizzled out on here, Ive had time to put pictures on tumblr >> here  but not not enough time to formulate full blog worthy sentences.
We made it to California, and as i envisioned, it is awesome. We're renting a place in the Sierra foothills. The Yuba river is the soul of this area, not like any river I've ever seen- unpolluted and totally swimmable (which i haven't done yet... but come summer- I think I will everyday!)   It was so exciting to find a place to nest and decorate and hang up shelves and go thrift store shopping again. We sold our fancy van and got a little truck and mini suv.  
Our house was a general store in the 1800s during the goldrush, the inside is all logs. cozy wozy.

Ive got lots of little plants sprouting in the windows but I don't know when ill be able to put them in the ground- i put some nasturtiums out and then there was a freaking hailstorm, so...

Im going to have a sculpture in my first out of florida show, which feels great. It's these stack of cheesecloth pillows. At the Sebastopol Center for the Arts  March 22 through the end of April

Rali is 2 now, and wild and speaking complete sentences. love that guy.

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