These are little string paintings of fields with furniture and stars. 
and Diorama of pompom dinner table in the dining room
and Great Great Grandfather Boris.
I managed to make these blips but finding time to is so hard. I want to fill rooms with things again. one day.

I am inspired because tonight I saw Janine Antoni speak at the University (of Florida). She is captivating and beautiful and crazy. I love her.  She has a 6 year old daughter and I asked her how her art changed once she became a mother. It seems like a lot of her work before she had a child dealt with mothering issues in a small way.. like weaning and breastfeeding cows. (How we wean our children onto cow milk and so we have this intimate relationship with a cow that we've never actually met)  Maybe I just see things through a mom portal now that I am one. Anyway.. she said she never really realized what her mother did for her until she became a mother herself, and that she wants to work on projects with her mother, as a mother, which would be totally different than the projects she did with her mom before she was a mother.    I think I just wrote "mother" like 80 times.
I'm glad to have been in the same room with someone who gnawed a 600 lb cube of chocolate  throughout the course of a month, and who slept in a gallery hooked up to a EEG machine which recorded her dream waves, which she made into a pattern to weave a blanket hundreds of feet long with her brain waves on it.


Have you seen the apparatus made for women to be able to pee standing up? Antoni made one out of bronze in the shape of a gargoyle (referencing her body as a architecture [temple]) and peed off of the chrysler building.  yes!

check out the patina.

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