One, son!

Carrot cake with blueberry coconut icing, pomegranate seeds, and SHARKS!

I've lived a whole year now with this little bean. ( 21 months including womb time)
Time goes by so fast and bladeblah all those things we say about growing up and time and quickness. But really, having a kid keeps you in the moment and then when that date comes up that signifies a year has passed it's a crazy feeling.
A baby's progress in life during one short year is so astounding. One year ago he was the tiniest blub and couldn't even roll over, and now he can say words and signs and looks you in the eye and understands and can stand up and move everywhere!  I feel proud for having sustained his little self this far, so much holding and hugging and nursing and snuggling.  Sometimes when I  read baby books  or get advice from well meaning friends  I feel like I'm doing everything wrong.  They say "Don't bring your baby to your bed, let him cry it out, you'll spoil him by holding him so much.. and other methods created in an attempt to make baby having more convenient and to liberate parents. Don't have a baby if you  expect it to be convenient.  Don't "liberate" yourself at the expense of your child's emotions and trust. I realize that as a mother, my intuition is what I need to listen to. If it doesn't feel right, I don't do it. It doesn't feel right to let my baby cry in another room, so I make a safe place for him in my bed.  As controversial as it seems, this is nothing new. Women all over the world have been sleeping safely with their babies for thousands of years and we have somehow survived as a species.
Attachment parenting is the only way I can imagine raising a child. For more on what it means to be attached, and the benefits of doing so,  Pediatrician Dr. Sears has tons of info HERE

                        anyway. Here are some moments from Rali's partys. ( He had two :))

Rali said "Hey Girl" when he got out of his sweet ride. for real.

super fast wagon rides

How old??

analog dj

so tired.    this cake is a carrot one too but with raspberry and mint icing.

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  1. everything about this makes me smile! congrats, juli, rali, and david! xoxo