Everyone! On December 5th  come to GLAM  craft show to do your holiday shopping. Last year there were so many adorable and super cool things at every booth, and your money will be going to artists, not mall stores. Here is a little sampling of some goods that will be at our Sunfunnels booth this Sunday...


          Terrariums of all sizes! I have like 20 more of these that will be at the show.  5-15 bucks

jungle tiger

Creature necklaces. 8-10 dollars
tiny baby snake!

the tiniest lizard

glitter google friend

crab claw necklaces, too!

                           Catface magnets to put on metal things in your house.  
                                                    a dollar each.

cool. see you there.

The show will happen from 1-5 at the Thelma Boltin Center (516 NE 2nd ave) in Gainesville, FL. It costs $3 to get in if you're over 10 (under that is free) , but it will be worth it I promise!

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