push and smile

I looked like hell after I gave birth. Hell as in I just gave every ounce of strength and love I had to get this tiny new being into the world. The last thing on my mind was what I looked like.  David and I were listening to "Uhh yeah dude" (a hilarious show that sheds light on the growing number of ridiculous things going on in the world) this morning and the dudes were talking about "Push and smile"  the new generation of facebook moms who are bringing a stylist with them to the hospital to do their hair and make up right after they deliver.

                                              Totally expected. And inevitable.
                                                               But seriously?!?!

Really, one of the first thoughts after your most traumatic and beautiful life experience should not be something as superficial as curling your eyelashes.  I guess it goes along with scheduled cesarean sections, epidurals, and no pain, quick, easy birth.  These are means to an end, but they have little ultimate meaning.  Why cover up your sweaty heroine act?  Be genuine. The easier we make our lives, the more mechanical and un human they become.  
Come on mommas, leave the makeup bag at home.

I can't believe this was a year ago. Hospitals make ugly backdrops. :(

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