Paranoid health warning

I started reading "The Body Toxic" by investigative journalist Nena Baker after I heard an interview with her on NPR.  It is about depressing things like how many toxic chemicals are in our everyday lives.  Don't roll your eyes. This isn't hippie  blabber. There have been tons of studies on these substances and they have been proven to cause cancer, reproductive harm, and other wonderful things.The main chemicals  that we come in contact with are PLASTIC which contains  bisphenol A, an estrogen- mimicking chemical linked to hormone disruption, reproduction and fertility problems, birth defects and prostate cancer.      DON'T use plastic. You can use glass tupperware, or stainless steel instead.

Another major source of toxins are in COSMETICS. This site, skin deep is an amazing source of information about what is in your make up, shampoo, lotion, baby products, and what these chemicals have been proven to do to your body long term.  It also give pages of alternative cosmetics to use that dont contain any of the crappy stuff.    I found out my mascara and eyeliner contain propylparaben which is linked to developmental/reproductive toxicity, Endocrine disruption, and Allergies/immunotoxicity. awesome.
It's not like you're eating this stuff, what does it matter if you put it on your skin? YOUR SKIN IS YOUR LARGEST ORGAN, hello.  

I know you can't be totally paranoid about everything, but why not be aware and  choose an alternative that won't negatively affect your health?     


  1. hey Juli! you are right. i did a paper about this in high school. methyl and propylparaben are in about every single cosmetic/personal care item you can imagine, unless it specifically says that it is paraben-free. :(


  2. I remember this, and you saying its especially bad to leave makeup in the car/sun. yuck.