Sea vegetables, ocean plants, aka SEAWEED

Eat it!


Sea veggies bind with radioactive things in the body and discharge them, like slippery little anti nuclear weapons.

They have so many valuable minerals in them! (Even more than land vegetables.) All sea vegetables have calcium, iron, phosphorus,potassium, magnesium, iodine and zinc, plus vitamins A, C, and the Bs.

Most people are familiar with NORI, the stuff wrapped around your sushi. You can buy it in thin flat sheets at health food stores or asian markets and make your own sushi, or tear up the sheets and put it in salads.

WAKAME are the little thin strips in miso soup. Miso soup is the easiest thing to make ever, just heat up water, throw in some wakame, and stir in some Miso paste ( fermented soy bean paste, that is very protein rich and medicinal.. you can buy it in little tubs at the healthfood store.)  Then you can add mushrooms, green onions, tofu, barley, or whatever.

DULSE flakes are really simple to use. You don't have to soak or cook them, just sprinkle some on salads, stir-fries, or soups.    

cooking beans with KOMBU seaweed makes them much more digestible and less farty.

There are lots of other sea vegetables, but these are the ones I  use because they are pretty inexpensive and accessible. I hear HIJIKI is the ultimate queen of seaweed but I'm yet to try it because i can't find it for less than 20 dollars a pack.  bummer.

That's my health rant for the day.


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